Managers of directions

Integrated and sustainable territorial development (ITD)

  • Finashin Vadim Vladimirovich
    Vadim Vladimirovich
    Deputy Director
    Speciality: Demarcation of Integrated territorial development in land use and development rules
    +7 (495) 909-30-69,ext. 103

  • Degtyareva Irina Ivanovna
    Irina Ivanovna
    Deputy Director
    Speciality: Integrated territorial development at the instance of rightholders, Integrated territorial development at the instance of Moscow Government
    +7 (495) 909-30-69, ext. 109

Selection of industrial areas and investors support

  • Berezhnoy Alexey Anatolyevich
    Alexey Anatolyevich
    Head of department for industrial development projects support
    Speciality: Assistance in localization of industrial enterprises
    +7 (495) 909-30-69, ext. 179

Measures for industrial support

  • Rodionov Pavel Vladimirovich
    Pavel Vladimirovich
    Head of department for industrial capacity analysis
    Speciality: Support measures guidance, industrial potential analysis
    +7 (495) 909-30-69, ext. 140

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